The whole house lighting collocation is not just a marketing concept.

Apr 13, 2018

It is understood that the so-called "full house lighting collocation" refers to the senior lamps and decorative advisers to help customers according to the different space in the home, such as living room, corridor, dining room, bedroom, study room, bathroom, kitchen and so on, do a targeted overall lighting planning and design. An experienced lighting collocation consultant is just like a magician of home atmosphere. He can change all kinds of styles according to your needs. As Chen Xianzhang, the general manager of the city's Desheng lighting square, a qualified lighting consultant may need more than seven or eight years of lighting guide experience to be "refined". And because of the professional quality of lighting consultants and consultants, the service of "all house lighting matching" in Desheng Lighting Plaza is very popular.

WThe whole house lighting collocation is not only a marketing concept, but also has high requirements for collocation consultants. Lighting collocation consultants should not only help customers select new and beautiful products, but also make overall planning of lighting according to the specific conditions of customers' homes. For example, the study in the past is usually just a few simple fluorescent lamps, with a maximum of a table lamp, and a good lamp decoration advisor can reduce the shadow of the light, increase the lighting of the desk and protect the master's eyesight by grasping the multi point light source. Illusory multi light source, create a variety of atmosphere, like through the floor lamp, shooting lamp to create the owner's exclusive romance, can also through the light and shade can be adjusted to create a favorable environment for rest...