Decorative lights are functional to meet people's needs

Apr 13, 2018

Decorative lamps have the characteristics of diversity and beauty. Decorative lamps are usually below 6 meters. It is mainly used for outdoor lighting in some public places such as slow lane, residential area, tourist attractions, parks, etc. Decorative lights can not only achieve lighting effects, but also achieve good decorative effects. In the daytime, decorative lights can embellish the city's landscape. In the night, the decorative lamps can provide both the necessary lighting and convenience of life, increase the security of the residents, and highlight the bright spots of the city, and deduce the bright style.

Since the development of decorative lamps, there are many styles of decorative lamps, and now they can be classified into three styles.

1, European decorative lamp:

Its design style mostly adopts some European artistic elements of European countries to abstract the form of expression. Such as: crown decoration lamp.

2. Modern decorative lights:

The design style of the artistic elements of modern, minimalist style, such as: spring decoration lamp.

3, classical decorative lights:

The design uses the classical elements of Chinese, application and modification, such as: lanterns. These three types of decorative lamps represent different styles, and are also derived from most manufacturers in order to cater for the design style of urban buildings.

Decorative lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting, mainly used in residential areas, tourist attractions, parks and other public places. There are very different kinds of decorative lights, such as European decorative lights, modern decorative lights, classical decorative lights and so on. We should pay attention to some problems in the design of trail decorative lamps.

1, the footpath decorative light is mostly in the form of diffuse light, diffusing light and direct light is different from the shadow of too much, making the color brighter and darker when it is more soft. However, an important problem to solve in the form of diffused light is the excessive surface temperature of luminescent bodies. So far as the popular street lights on the market are concerned, few products can solve such problems.

2, the calculation of the elevation angle and the shoulder distance. The calculation of elevation and shoulder distance can make a good balance between function and landscape. For example, the design of elevation can reflect the function of landscape better and meet the needs of people in function if the corresponding landscape design is taken into consideration.