What are the main uses for the decorative lights?

Apr 13, 2018

Because its color is very rich, small volume, durable and energy saving, LED decorative lamp is very suitable for decorative purposes.

Install it on a circuit board or a flexible cable or other material, and LED can be used as a light light, a sign, a track lamp, a light tube, and so on. With the development of LED technology, a combination of LED is installed in some way. It can send out light enough for indoor lighting. For example, the display of night lights, desk lamps, garden lights, and other display LED is used for information display and large screen display, which are widely used in the stadium, Airport, business center and so on. At present, the largest LED display in the world is in the times square of Manhattan, New York. LED decorative lamp backlight, because the volume of LED is very small and power consumption is low, so it is suitable for LCD backlight.

The singleness of color and color is the intrinsic feature of LED, which makes a very pure color in a very narrow frequency, which is calculated by LPK (NM). Wavelength is an intrinsic characteristic of LED wafer material. Different materials will have different wavelengths, that is, different colors. We know that white light is a comprehensive rest of all colors, but people's eyes do not need all colors in the spectrum, only three colors (red, green, and blue). Based on this principle, there are many ways to make white light LED. The most typical way of manufacturing is to bury the LED blue light in a yellow phosphor.

The output of LED will vary with the chip type and encapsulation method and some other differences. But in the world, there is no uniform standard to measure its brightness. Generally speaking, the total luminescence of LED is measured by the height of a light spot on the axis, and it is expressed by (MCD) candle.

A LED decorative lamp with a very high degree of value does not mean that the output of its light is very high. To calculate its total output, it is necessary to take its luminous angle into account. The perspective of LED is also a function of LED chip type and its function of splitting or astigmatism of epoxy resin shell. The LED of different chips and packages will have different brightness values. If the two LED has the same brightness value, the larger the angle of light is, the greater the output of light.